Platform Més Que un Llaç and El Cor Blaugrana, unite today in the name of freedom of speech and democracy. We are committed to our purpose of reconnecting FC Barcelona with their essence. So we demand artist Pablo Hasél to be released from prison.  We believe in the Club’s motto, ‘Mes que un club’. We know what it means and where it comes from. The defense of freedom and democracy must once more be a priority for our Club.

This is the time to turn words into facts, and confront this exemple of antidemocratic repression. This is the time to defend Pablo Hásel and also, to be truthful to the club’s history. In XXI century, being imprisoned over coments on social media should not be allowed.

While the team was playing a game against PSG, Barcelona streets were fuming for this case. And there was nothing in our stadium, that indicates support to freedom of speech. People love and connect with Barça because actions that differentiate the club from the rest. We demand not to lose any more chances to tell this difference to the world.

We believe our club should demonstrate its commitment with society and democracy. They have to say something in favour of freedom of speech and ask for Hásel’s to be freed. Therefore, we demand FC Barcelona to make a public support to the artist and the cause of freedom speech. 

You can read our interpretation of ‘Més que un Club’ here.