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European Superleague must be voted by all Barça members

Still surprised by the announcement on Sunday night announcing the creation of a closed competition at European level of which FC Barcelona will be part as a founder, from the Cor Blaugrana we would like to make the following considerations.

From our point of view, sports competitions must be open and based on sporting value. This league, which sells itself as one of the best clubs in Europe, has clubs that are not leaders in their leagues. On the other hand, clubs with more social importance in their countries are not part of it.

The current format of the UEFA Champions League, in practice, is not the antithesis of the Super League. Every year we see its competitiveness shrink. The possibility of games between so-called ‘big’ and ‘small’ teams is getting lower. The competition organized by UEFA needs a deep review. We need to know the value that UEFA gives to FC Barcelona, ​​our club being one of the most important on the European continent, and how we could have a greater influence in this relationship that today does not benefit the club.

The members want to know what benefits and losses they give to the club that we own. We also believe that it is necessary to know how the evaluation of this business opportunity has been done. We believe that the club, after its recent history, needs the maximum possible transparency with its members and fans. Broken trusts need to be restored, and the only way to do that is to listen to and consider the views of club owners: the members.

We understand that Barça is going through a very complicated economic moment in the short term, which has been the result of a negligent administration for more than ten years. It gives the impression, according to the Superleague’s business plan, that it could mean a significant initial injection of money, in the form of a 350M euro loan. What we don’t understand is what other benefit, apart from the economic one, would be the participation in this competition for a sports club like Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​especially understanding that the Barça brand is already positioned internationally.

FC Barcelona has always been characterized by being “More Than a Club”. This phrase, which has been used more as a marketing slogan in recent years, has a unique meaning in the world of football. It is precisely the Més Que Un Club that has led Barça to be the most important club in the world, with more fans and more preference, even in emerging markets.

Considering the importance of this change for the immediate future of the entity, we ask the Board  of FC Barcelona that this decision to found the European Super League should be taken to an open debate and consultation with all members.

The Cor Blaugrana values ​​all the efforts that the current Board is making to face the delicate economic situation that it received as an inheritance. But we also believe that this situation can be reversed by doing things differently, appealing to the respect of members, fans, rivals and the club environment. If we want to get out of the present moment, we must all work together.

Multiseus elections proposal

FC Barcelona is in a serious situation of institutional paralisis. The elections have been postponed, so it is necessary for members and groups to propose new ways to actually hold elections with safety. They cannot be postponed again. This needs comes from the fact that the Interim board has been uncapable of finding a solution, even when Catalan elections will be held anyway -a much more massive process-. The main function of this board was to call and organize elections, and they have failed in it every step of the way.

This fridat, from El Cor Blaugrana we sent an urgent document to the Board, with a proposal. We propose having more polling stations, distributed all over Catalunya, in order to garantee the elections will be held on March 7th.  This initiative, that we called #MultiseusFCB, is born from the urgent need to secure the electoral process and to have an elected president as soon as possible, who must be elected with maximum participation. There are no excuses, not even sanitary, to keep delaying the elections.

From the evolution of the pandemic in Catalunya, it is very likely that, by March, movement restrictions will be less strict. This led us to present to options:

1- One polling station electoral in each of the 42 counties (comarques) in Catalunya. With this strategy, it is possible to guarantee a possibility to vote for all Barça members in Catalunya (93% of total).

2- Considering that 83% of members live in Barcelona province, we think that having 11 polling stations, one in each of Barcelona counties, the participation rates will be significantly better than with just six proposed by the board.

This proposal complements the mail vote, and it is intended for the majority of members that have not opted for that mecanism.

We think this proposal is completely doable and there is sufficient time to implement. We are aware of the challenges of the pandemic, but they have been addressed in many countries (Catalunya too, holding general elections in february), where democracy has not been put on hold. Nor the pandemic nor the cost of the process should be reasons to have less participation in our elections. 

Help us spread the word on social media using the HT #MultiseusFCB!

We have also sent this proposal to candidates Jan Laporta and Víctor Font, asking their support to this initiative through our hashtag #MultiseusFCB

Visca el Barça, visca Catalunya, and elections now!


You can red the complete document sent to FC Barcelona here. (catalan version)

Check out our Twitter to read comments on this initiative.

Next Sunday, let’s all go to vote!

We sent a letter to FC Barcelona last monday, to insist on our proposal of increasing the number of polling stations for the upcomming elections. We haven’t received an answer yet. As a result of the rigid position from the Comisión Gestora, more than 50,000 members won’t be able to vote ld be excluded from the electoral process.

More than 50% of members live outside Barcelona city. Just 11% of them will have access to a polling station, considering the current movement restictions in Catalonia. Therefore, a significant number of members (we estimate around 40%) wil be unable to vote, or will be very restricted to take part in the upcoming elections.

In the letter we sent, we reminded the Comisión about MultiseusFCB, a series of proposals we sent last month, aimed to make the elections more accessible with more polling stations. As we have already estated before, our proposals were rejected by the Club, using this blatant lie as an excuse: “the authorities discourage accepting your proposals”. However, Health authorities have NEVER discouraged the Club from setting up more polling stations. From El Cor Blaugrana we have tried everything to have maximum participation and transparency in the upcoming elections. We have urged the Club to set up more venues, and requested the mail-in vote should be counted separately from the rest. After all our efforts, the only option we see possible now is to vote with the permit of self-responsibility. Therefore, we encourage all members to use this method to go to vote, making their voice hear in this crucial time. In this matter, we demand FC Barcelona to reach an agreement with the Generalitat, so that members can use this document to get to vote. If 5.5 million people were called to vote on February 14th in Catalonia’s general elections, a few thousand should be able to do the same next week. If the Comisión does not do anything for the sake of the Club’s democracy, we ask the Victor Font i Joan Laporta, if they get elected, to publicly commit to providing legal coverage from the Club, in case any member is sanctioned for the simple act of voting.

Watch our brand new video! All about our #MultiseusFCB proposal 🔥

Mail vote: We need complete transparency

At El Cor Blaugrana we continue our task to make the next elections to be more transparent and to facilitate participation of members. We believe Barça’s motto, ‘More than a Club’, gets more important now, on the verge of the upcomming elections.

A few days ago we sent a letter to the Club, requesting mail vote to be counted separately from the rest of the votes.

With this request, we want to ensure that Club’s members and fans, can be truly confident that the mail vote will be as transparent and trustworthy as the traditional process. We need to remember that mail vote will be used for the first time in Barça’s history.  More than 22,000 members have requested to vote by mail, so we think that it is essential, for the democratic future of the Club, to use this system and to know how good it was this first time.

In our letter, we requested the Electoral Board that mail vote to be counted separately from the rest of the votes, and also, that the Club informes that separate count to members and public opinion. We made this request for two main reasons. The first, to detect opportunities for improvement: it is important to know the total number of votes by mail received, and compare it with the number of requests. From that, members would know if the process worked or not. The second reason is, transparency, plain and simple: these elections are a great opportunity to demonstrate transparency in the Club, a value that has lost relevance in recent years. For the future of the Club, it is essential to return members to trust in its internal processes. Trust is only achieved with more transparency.

Last week, Barça has already leaket to the press, that they wouldn’t count mail vote separately. Even if they still have this intention, we do believe transparency in this process is essential for the future. We need to leave strange things behind us. So the Club must make all efforts to make this new voting system to be trustworthy. Therefore, we ask FC barcelona, to make everything in their power to avoid any suspicions. Separate mail vote count will be part of that.

You can read our letter to the Club by clicking here (English soon)

We also have sent the Club more proposals to allow more polling stations, and make easier for members to vote, #MultiseusFCB. Here you can read all about it. We will keep insisting on it as well, even after receiven a negative response from the Club. We still do not understand their reply, as we just asked to use the same distribution of stations that the last board proposed to Catalonia’s Health Department, who gave their approval.

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