The Club is at the most critical point in its history. In this situation, we need to think and reflect to diagnose what problems we have. From El Cor Blaugrana, we wanted to put forward a series of proposals to overcome these problems, and turn them into advantages.

We have classified our proposals in 3 sections, Institutional, Sports and Heritage, and Economic. We believe that these are the basic pillars on which to base Barça’s future.


In the past, FC Barcelona, as an institution, has shown to have very strong social roots in the territory and the places where it operates. Always from the most popular side and fleeing elitism, the Club has been working to have an impact in places where it was most needed. The first line, and the first example was the treatment that members had, as owners of the Club. Today, it seems that members are an unpleasent group, a collective to despise, or even to make disappear. So, it is necessary to take into account the essence of the Club, starting from its members, to work towards the future.

Sports and Assets

A sports club is an organization that bases its activity on sport. Barça has many disciplines and sports modalities and that enriches the Club. The value of the institution, its heritage, are the athletes themselves, and the performance they achieve in each competition: that is the essential part of the Club’s heritage. We need to run away from business management in sports, and return to sports management. Only doing so, we will rebuild the foundations that have made us who we are. Heritage is not money. Heritage is sports and athletes.


Barça is not a company dedicated to produce economic benefits. It is a sports club dedicated to sport, to make people practice it, and admire it. To run the Club, we understand we need to run away from business models based on only generating money, and embrace the generation of value. Value at Barça comes out of sports, and the unique model of sporting excellence the Club has been promoting for most of its history. Income should be generated from sports, from heritage, and it should be used to invest in improving the core of the Club, which is the practice of sports, not in companies or businesses away from that core.