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Tusquets ‘Galifardeu’

Some time ago, Catalan radio show La Sotana made a video to pay a particular homage to Josep Maria Bartomeu, and his tenure at FC Barcelona.

Now that interim presidency is finally coming to an end -although they’re still clunching to power) , we also wanted to pay homage to the interim president, Carles Tusquets.


PD: Galifardeu = thug

The (un)touchables

At Barça, sometimes reality is too close to fiction. And one fine example of that, is the current economic situation. A Club that used to make signings for +100M€ each, now doesn’t have enough money to pay salaries!.

Despite popular belief, Bartomeu was not the only one to blame on this. He and his board have resigned. But there are others still around: Carles Tusquets and others, who were members of the Economic Commission for 5 years, during the entire Bartomeu era.

These days, Tusquets is parading himself over Catalan media, acting as if he was an elected president. He is not. At Cor Blaugrana, we demanded him explanations about his role, and the Economic Commission’s role, in the current economic situation. To do so, we sent a letter to the Club, which you can read here.

In this video, we imagine what the situation would be like if we were on a movie.

We hope you enjoy it!

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