A different ‘moció’ 

The Motion of no confidence has a long history, longer than the explosive movement that happened in September 2020. In the beginning of the year, handkerchiefs were seen in the stands of the Camp Nou, which is a typical way to show anger against the Board of Directors. But when the pandemic arrived, the stadium was closed, so fans could not protest anymore. However, there was already a germ of anger that only grew with time.

Cor Blaugrana: Mocio de censura

In May and, after several meetings, at Cor Blaugrana we decided to prepare a Motion of no confidence. We spent weeks thinking of new ways to collect signatures and to reach out to Barça members. The pandemic forced us to think differently, and we accepted the challenge.

We built a roadmap, which was our guide to prepare for this initiative. We decided to ask volunteers to donate spaces to collect signatures, getting 50 by August. Then we defined the marketing campaign. We knew that it would be very difficult to get coverage in traditional press (Mundo Deportivo, Sport, radio and TV), so we turned to social media, which was the engine of the campaign held in September.

From July, we  started adding support from all over the world, through our website. Then, we joined forces with other groups of opinion and pre-candidacies to present a joint motion of no confidence. From that point on, we flooded social media with possitive messages, all related to our need to get our Club back. +300 people volunteered, +150 signature collection points were added, to finally achieve 20,687 signatures, with a participation never seen before in Barça´s social history.    


How did we get 20,731 signatures in just 14 days?

The answer: from social media. With clear, positive messages, and delivering timely information. 

This is how we got:

  • 420,000 visits to our website in 3 weeks
  • 150,000 people reached
  • 8 Million impressions  on Twitter
  • +1.5 million views of our videos
  • +200,000 impressions on Instagram